real malaysia travel secrets

"I'd never thought the real Malaysia was such a colourful country.
There're so many cultures, so many natural attractions;
and the food ... my god, it makes your head spin just trying to
decide what to try! So little time, so much to see,
so much to eat ... sighhhhh ... "
Tom Smith, Expat English teacher.

The Real Malaysia travel guide.
What the guide books missed out on.

Durian, King of Malaysian fruits

Pierced cheeks at Hindu festival, Thaipusam

sago grubs
Yummy, thumb-sized sago grubs

orang asli kids
Aboriginal kids
orang asli kids

kuan yin temple
Paying homage to Goddess of Mercy

Tasty Piranhas!

As my good friend Tom found out, Malaysia is a fascinating country. So fascinating that before he knew it, his 2-year teaching stint at the local British Council was already over.

You see, Tom and I were cycling buddies, and in those 2 short years, I showed him the real, locals-only kind of places. In fact, he used to call me his personal Malaysia travel guide.

Even now, I can still remember the animated way he would describe Malaysia - the real Malaysia - to his friends and family who visited him.

In fact, he didn't just lose his heart to fascinating Malaysia, he lost his heart to one of my friends. And yes, he ended up marrying her!

Actually, what happened to Tom isn't surprising really; not when you consider how easily this beautiful country can charm you in her own alluring way.

OK, so maybe you don't have 2 years to visit like Tom; but I'm still more than happy to share with you all that I know about my Malaysia -- the real Malaysia.

So, what will you unearth here in
The Real Malaysia Travel Guide?

Travel gems, that's what! The real and rare, off-the-beaten-path kind.

Just like Tom, you will, among other things, learn how to:

Intrigued? Well, that's what the REAL Malaysia experience is all about.

And, in case you're wondering ... yes, all the usual tourist attractions are here as well. However, as much as possible, I'll show you the 'real' interesting perspectives instead of just the usual guide book fare.

'First we send their minds. Their bodies soon follow'

I just love how National Geographic Travel magazine captures the essence of travel so beautifully with that line. You know why?

Because, as any keen traveller will tell you; it's the dreaming and planning part that really gets your travel juices going.

Well, I guess your journey to the real Malaysia has already begun?



The Real Malaysia Travel Guide table of contents:

About Me
Who am I? Am I for real? Why am I doing this?

Travel Options
Your travel options for getting to Malaysia from Singapore or Thailand: fly, train, bus or boat.

Before you come
The do's and dont's of travel preparations, visa requirements

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