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So, where in the world is Malaysia?

You'd probably ask that question if you're not from around this region.
Well, thanks to Google, here's an interactive Malaysia map that will help.

- To zoom in, click on the plus sign (+), or double-click on the map
- To zoom out, click on the minus (-) sign, or right-double-click on the map
- To see more, click and hold to move the map around
- To see it Google Earth style, click on 'Sat' in the top right corner

As you can see, Malaysia is centrally located within South East Asia. She sits on top of tiny Singapore (it's so tiny you can hardly see it). On the other hand, Malaysia wags the tail-end of the Land of Smiles - Thailand, way up north of the Malaysian peninsula.

To the east, across the South China Sea, are the 2 East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak. Even though they are many times bigger than mainland Malaysia, they only form a fraction of the enormous island of Borneo, the rest of which is Indonesia's state of Kalimantan.

Estimated flying time (in hours) between Kuala Lumpur and some Asian cities:

Beijing - 5.5
Hong Kong - 3.5
Shanghai - 4.4
Seoul - 6.5
Taipei - 4.2
Tokyo - 6.5
Hanoi - 2
Bangkok- 1.5
Phnom Pehn - 1.2
Rangoon - 3.2
Jakarta - 2
Cairns - 6.5

So, what's the best way to get to Malaysia?

Well, depending on where you're coming from, if it gets you here, it's the best way ;-)

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